The SPS-Framework

SPARRTNER PERFORMANCE SYSTEMS helps you as a decision maker to understand how well you and your organization are aligned and where optimization can be made. We focus on seven areas.

Each area is critical to your success. But: Each area needs its own time and individual attention to function properly. Only when these individual areas of your organization mesh together can you be sure that you are and also will remain on the right track.

The SPS-FRAMEWORK is divided into two categories: Areas where you are required to be a MANAGER, and areas where you are required to be a LEADER. If you balance these perfectly, we speak of VITAL LEADERSHIP in the intersection of your Shared Values.

For you as a decision maker, the MANAGEMENT areas are certainly easier to understand and quantify rationally. However, these are often the areas where you currently spend most of your time as a MANAGER. However your commitment as a LEADER is limited by the time left over. But these are exactly the areas in which visions become goals and from these, in turn, impulses and actions that guarantee growth and success. With us you (again) come into the area of acting, instead of re-acting.

With us as your sparring partner, you ensure that all 7 areas are perfectly synchronized and in balance. This allows you to develop as a leader and decision maker and to perfectly use new open spaces for you.

Within these 7 areas is everything you need to pay attention to on a regular basis as a Vital Leader. These 7 areas are exactly the ones in which we work with you. You determine the weighting, the intensity and the pace. Because you know best in which area you need a SPARRTNER.

SPARRTNER-PERFORMANCE-SYSTEMS helps you to identify your coordinates for the present and especially for the future, to determine the direction, to hold the course and to navigate perfectly even under adverse conditions.

We walk the path together with you. Together we create real synergy for success and sustainable growth. You commit to your goals and us - we commit to you and guarantee that you achieve your goals.

You are looking for a sparring partner.
You have found him!