What about your learning and development culture? Does it align with what you want to achieve in the future and is it therefore part of your growth strategy?

Knowledge is forever - skills are for every day. In many ways, it's about knowing what you can really create with the skills and potential available to you. You never want to ask someone on your team to do something he or she is not capable of doing? Wrong: real learning and development happens outside of comfort zones. That's why you should set development priorities when you have a clear understanding of your employees' capabilities, so you can then support them in their development.

Sounds simple? But it's far from it. Learning and development is extremely complex and is based on competency models, learning theories and above all on the principle of personal responsibility. Learning journeys never end and need to be designed and managed. Learning is multi-layered and situational - to the point at the moment when "it has to happen". The "5 Moments of Learning Needs" are what counts. Learning is as much a part of individual development as it is of talent and succession planning. Grass does not grow faster if you pull on it. But: A good breeding ground, sun, water and a little fertilizer cause growth (and sometimes miracles). Talents and potentials can - and above all want - to unfold. You certainly want to leave your footprint in your company and ultimately not "wither and dry up" in some little box in the organization chart.

If you want real innovation here, let's go SPARRING together. Let's talk seriously about a modern and innovative "learning culture" in your company.


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