Why SPS?

We are multilingual!

If required, we can call on a team of trainers and coaches with the following native languages: German, English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish and Arabic.

Sparring is derived from the English expression "to spar with someone", which means "to get into a fight with someone". You know sparring as a form of training from boxing.

Sparring is also available for you as a manager and entrepreneur.

Here we move in a common sparring area - the SPS-Framework.

Sparrtner-Performance-Systems combines the technical and methodological knowledge of a consultant with the techniques of a coach in the actual sparring.

Our possible roles here:



Working with SPARRTNER PERFORMANCE SYSTEMS means that you choose us as your sparring partner in the role of "coaching consultant".

In a first personal meeting you clarify with us "your topic" and the entrepreneurial strengths and deficits in your company.

You are looking for a sparring partner.
You have found him!