Roland Friedl

Roland Friedl

Shaping the future

The only constant is change. And today it's no longer about faster, further and higher, which leads us into a self-optimization trap. Roland helps you to walk a different path, a path of winners: more flexible, clearer and deeper.

The experience in his backpack

Based on his commercial education, Roland started his own business early on after working in advertising and sales and built an effective sales team that expanded to over 16 countries. In addition, he has worked as a multilingual trainer and consulter for international companies in recent years. In his spare time, Roland organizes yoga retreats and workshops on the island of Mallorca.

Seminar participation: sales, leadership, communication, mental training, systemic NLP trainer and coach, setting and achieving goals, coaching & mentoring, process management, health management, meditation.

Roland privately

Like many other people, Roland has evolved over the years, recognizing what is really important in life. In doing so, he focuses on developing and nurturing the following 3 core topics: health, relationships and personal development; because only when these 3 are fully developed can there be full development of career, income and lifestyle, and this permanently.

Personal interests: Travel, yoga, sports, intercultural exchange, all relevant topics around personal development, health, relationships, environment as well as time critical issues of our society.

Roland prefers a free and independent lifestyle and commutes between different countries, some months a year he travels and lives in his rv and works from the most beautiful places in the world.

Guiding principle: The world is my home & office