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A business can be quick and easy or very difficult to manage. Even in small businesses or start-ups, the volume of everything that needs to get done can overwhelm the most organized managers and entrepreneurs.

To get your business where you want it to go, you need to make sure everything in your organization is aligned and pointing in the right direction.

If even one or two areas of your business are not in harmony with the others, your performance will fall short of expectations. This is where we stand by your side as a sparring partner.
This is where we stand by your side as a sparring partner.

We guarantee that you will achieve your goals.


Quick Facts

Effective Strategies

We lead people in organizations through transformational processes:
Radical - Progressive - Holistic.


You receive professional support so that YOUR customers perform at their best.


You break down rigid structures in thinking and in the organization, so that you are fit for the future.

Re-inventing Learning
& Development

You and your team grow through a holistic approach to all issues at hand.

Our Statement

We lead people in organizations through transformation processes.

Radical - Progressive - Holistic

We shift attention from management problems to new ways of working together.

We connect people with their goals by helping them …

Why SPS?

  • We support managers in particular to get to the point where they are not managing people - but relationships.
  • We want to understand first - before we want to be understood. both sides.
  • Our Boxing Ring: The SPS Framework
  • We know the typical methodologies, organizational forms as well as behavioral and attitudinal patterns - both positive and negative. - We know people and organizations equally
  • Our Solutions4Excellence are the synergy of many years of entrepreneurial and HR experience.
  • Our roles: Sparring partner - Coach - Trainer - Facilitator - Enabler ... in short, Sparrtner.
  • Our passion is to connect people with their goals
  • We are multilingual!
    If required, we can call on a team of trainers and coaches with the following native languages: German, English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish and Arabic.

We commit 100% to your goals - if you commit 100% to us. So we have a 200% target agreement from the start.
We will start only when our common theme is unquestionably on the first place in your priority lists.
You expect consistency, discipline and high performance from us in the project.

Then we fit together, because that is exactly what we expect from you, your managers and their teams in the project.
Meet your Sparrtner
Roland Friedl
The map is not the territory
Kai Früchtenicht
The SPS team has a gift for getting to the heart of complex issues and communicating them to others in an understandable way.
DI Dieter Kroismayr-Seiner MBA
A sparring partner helps to avoid mistakes and brings you forward

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