Dieter Kroismayr-Seiner

DI Dieter Kroismayr-Seiner MBA

A sparring partner helps to avoid mistakes and brings you forward
Managers never get true and unfiltered support and feedback, neither from collegues on their level nor from higher grades and not from subordinates.Each feedback has a purpose, the spender wants to charm, is an opponent or competitor for the next level, is envious, jealous or for whatever motive not totally open, loyal and true.
Sparring partners have the same target, they want to improve their performance in their discipline. They are honest to each other, their relationship is built on trust and sympathy, they are supportive.They challenge each other to provoke reflection and motivate to better performance.  They know each other and they are professionals in their field so they have all the conditions and base to promote and motivate each other. They offer a second and even third view on things which might be completely clear from one side. They open eyes and sharpen senses for background- and sidenoise one stuck in a system could be unsensitive to.
Open communication, discussion and evaluation of mistakes and achievements, trustful collaboration and a common sense of business success have been the drivers for being lucky in business. Nowadays in complex organisations and with less solidarity these values and attitudes are under pressure. A sparring partner helps to avoid mistakes and brings you forward.On top he is a mate, and having one or two makes life much better.
With Roland I have spent numerous discussions and sessions on all leadership-related topics since we met a few years ago. Having met him as an inspiring lecturer in summer-university we started an intense exchange of experiences, later holding a lecture together and steadily being in touch. His view on leadership, responsibility and collaboration made me open eyes and take views that I would not have explored before. In our discussions we discovered ways how in a seemingly fixed structure it’s still possible to escape antiquated role-models and be a strong leader within a winning team. Work-Life in such surrounding is really much better! Roland helped me to discover and use these potentials, as a sparring-partner and mate he is a clear recommendation.