Interim management - your temporary manager

As complex as the challenges of companies and organizations can be, so complex are the possible applications for an interim manager ( temporary manager).

Since a temporary manager as an external party is not part of the company's policy, he can also approach the issues and challenges at hand much more objectively, in addition to his expertise and experience. This is because he has neither a history nor a future in the company; he is only available to the company for a (usually previously agreed) limited period of time.

Here is a small sample of possible applications where interim managers perform well, such as when management resources are lacking, important tasks are pending, or where internal competencies are missing.

Interim-Manager Roland Friedl

Interim managers are particularly suitable when managers suddenly become temporarily unavailable or leave the company at very short notice. During the search for a successor, interim managers continue to manage the department or the entire company until a qualified successor is found, or the interim manager can also take over the training of the new successor and thus pass on his know-how.

Interim managers bring a "breath of fresh air" to individual organizational areas. This is often one of the most important reasons for using interim managers, because a very broad spectrum of know-how and experience is important in change projects, as are leadership skills and organizational knowledge. Internal resistance, which can arise during upcoming change processes, is often better resolved by outsiders.

Temporary managers can work not only in place of an absent manager, but also alongside or with an existing manager, so that projects and tasks are implemented both quickly and efficiently. Particularly in the case of very important projects, it makes sense to assign a temporary manager with his expertise to the existing manager.

The comprehensive methodological knowledge of a temporary manager enables him or her to deliver better innovation performance.
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Interim managers analyze the current situation and then formulate possible courses of action for further development. This often includes aspects that the client has not even thought of yet. The implementation can then be carried out by the client himself or in cooperation with the interim manager.

Due to their wealth of experience, temporary managers can also be used very well as coaches for your managers and personnel developers. Here, personnel development with unsurpassed practical relevance "learning on-the-job" is possible. Supplemented by individual coaching of each person. Especially for new and future managers an absolutely priceless enrichment.

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