Shared Values

Shared Values

What is your value system? What is your WHY?

Shared values are part of your company's culture. They are the purpose behind everything that needs to be done. Your company's shared values should inspire all employees. They should give orientation, create meaning, motivate, and should also make you proud of.

Important: Values should result in lived behavior and shape the attitude of each individual "in moderation". They describe why people treat each other the way they do. They provide an answer to the question of why everyone wants to commit themselves anew every day and grow together. Together with the culture, they are the glue that holds your organization together: They are the oil that permanently lubricates the engine so that no friction losses occur.

Unfortunately, values are often the result of "creative marketing" and are so far removed from people that they take on bizarre characteristics. People in companies then become "affected" rather than "enthusiastic". We know this phenomenon well and accordingly know how to succeed in working out something real "smart" without exaggerating.

If you have this point on your priority list, then let's go to SPARRING. By the way, real shared values are indispensable for the leadership style of your company ... and please do not confuse values with "instructions for action and guidelines for managers". We're talking about adult human beings.


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