Are you a manager who is managing systems, processes and cost centers - or are you actually more of a designer and change agent?

How do you make sure the work gets done? This is the task that happens on a regular basis to keep your business running. Systems and processes are where you most likely spend the majority of your time as a manager. It is the challenge of every manager in his or her company to ensure that all employees are working on the right projects correctly and getting them done on time. Without systems and processes that work perfectly, you won't get one step closer to your goal. What is usually fatal are the interfaces and that people act in the system and processes you have made yourself - if they act. Unfortunately, most of the time they merely react. So impulses are needed. If the right impulses are missing or if they are too weak, paralysis occurs in all directions. Thus, agility suffers as well. Your "market competitors" are better positioned in this respect - aren't they?

You want more speed & agility here? Let's go to the SPARRING and take a look at the layers of clay - or rather - the layers of paralysis before everything gets stuck between the layers and seeps away. After all, you want to sustainably penetrate your organization and achieve the impact you expect.


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