What do you stand for as a leader & decision maker? What do you want to achieve? What do you want your employees to think about you?

The leadership style you live should be in line with the corporate culture as well as the requirements and the value and culture system of your team. And, it should reflect you as a person. Depending on the situation, there are many different leadership styles. Therefore, you need to find your own approach. Do you read books, watch tutorials, do eLearnings? Good, try your hand at it. Then you'll get there. The only stupid thing is that effective leadership - in the sense of VITAL LEADERSHIP is pure people business. You work with people and personalities. Try and error is explicitly not the order of the day.

Admittedly: It takes courage. It's about inspiration and inspiring people, removing obstacles and clearing paths. It is about showing the "North-Star" and giving orientation. You have to inspire for goals and challenges. It's about inspiration and encouragement in good times and bad times. If you are not present - and your team is working perfectly, then you have made it. There could be companies that then question you and want to replace you - but we don't want to talk about that kind of thinking here.

On the contrary, we want to talk about you. You want an agile, vital, creative and thinking team. You want entrepreneurs. You don't want administrators and preservationists. You want change agents, navigators and helmsmen who carry your spirit forward. Then success and growth will succeed.

If you don't want the fish to start stinking at the head - let us get directly into your personal SPARRING and then - little by little - bring other leaders into the ring. At the end of the day it is you who will show the North-Star in VITAL LEADERSHIP.


You are looking for a sparring partner.
You have found him!